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Personal tool for Brainstorm, Forms and group decision making

Everyone has problems and challenges that need solving; they’re an inevitable part of living. What many people don’t realize is that most of them can be overcome using a simple, focused program of personal brainstorming. Here’s how…

Decision Making Tool for Business Organizations

In the decision making process, we choose one course of action from a few possible alternatives. In the process of decision making, we may use many tools, techniques and perceptions. We prefer a collective decision.

Voting System for Organizations & Governments

VoThink is a innovative web-based online voting system that will help you manage your elections easily and securely. Sign up to try next βeta. Got a question? Our Rapid Support team is standing by!

The Innovative Vote

It is time to rethink the way we run elections. It is time for an easy-to-use, online election solution that allows you to execute flawless voting while connecting your membership with your organization.

It is time for VoThink

Self-administered online voting software for your organization. Hosted in the cloud, VoThink is designed so that you can quickly create customized electronic elections in a protected online environment.

Online debates

The voting public asks the questions and the candidates provide the answers. If you want to set up a debate...

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Guaranteed results

The outcome of using leading security, data receipts, test batches, verifications, audits, and certifications is SSAE16 auditable voting processes with guaranteed results.

Custom ballot

Flexible ballot template with options for your brand, detailed office/bylaw info, photos, random order, write-in options, maximum/minimum votes and rich-text options.

Simple administration

Preview voting pages, set your election to “Ready” mode and your election is set. Results are clearly displayed in real-time reports.

Our Founders

VoThink was founded to provide a much-needed data reporting and analytics service around elections.

Election alternative

Consultative, comprehensive election services built on the goals and needs of the organization.


Each organization’s member experience is examined to see what can be done to enhance response.

Easy setup

User-friendly interface allows for creating your election, invitations and custom settings in less than ten minutes.


Voting transactions are encrypted with SSL up to 256-bit – the highest level of protection.

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